Waterfalls Algeria

Top Algeria waterfalls worth visiting for travelers. The famous waterfalls the world who are in Algeria Africa - Cascade de Kefrida, El-Ourit, Cascade de Tifrit, Hammam Meskhoutine.

Waterfalls Cascade de Kefrida
The Kefrida waterfall are waterfalls located near the village of Ait Idriss, in the town deTaskriout (wilaya of Bejaia), Algeria. Their total height is 50 meters. They are spaced 3 km Bordj Mira, capital of the municipality of Taskriout and 50 km east of Bejaia. Known to the Romans under the name of "Aquae Frigida".
Waterfalls El-Ourit
Waterfall El-Ourit in Algeria are located seven kilometers from the city of Tlemcen, near the National Road of Algeria in a mountainous area covered with pine trees.
Waterfalls Tifrit
Waterfall Cascade de Tifrit located 25 kilometers east of the city of Saida in the town of Ain Soltane, waterfalls Tifrit can not leave indifferent lovers of nature.
Waterfalls Hammam Meskhoutine
Waterfall Hammam Meskhoutine - a unique complex of thermal springs, located on the territory of Algeria, fifteen kilometers from the city of Guelma.